In 1967 my father bought a Pontiac Catalina and a dingy old travel trailer and took his girlfriend, my brother and me on a road trip. Over the next 8 weeks we drove 13,498 miles, visited 51 parks, and saw wonders like geysers, redwoods, grizzlies, and the Summer of Love in San Francisco. The trip made an indelible impression, cementing my appreciation for the natural world and the American landscape. This summer Pamela and I hope to repeat the experience for our family.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lark: Curious Lack of Narwhales

There are no narwhales here in the desert. Not even the common orange one. Plenty of cows, llamas and bison but no whales. Huh. I wonder how an ecosystem can survive without narwhales. Being orange, narwhales would blend in perfectly amongst the orange rocks. So it is silly that they do not live here in the desert. They could make friends with all the tarantulas and snakes and when it ventured down from the mountains it could chat with all the cows, llamas, and bison. I am surprised I have not seen an orange narwhale yet I know they must be here. Peering out of the cracks in the canyons. They watch us tourists walk by, greasy with sunscreen and taking pictures of everything. They wait till we have walked passed to frolic with the cactuses.

I know you are here.

I will find you orange narwhale.

So watch out.

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